Film to DVD Video Transfer Lab – 7 Indicators

Film to dvd fort collins
Have you found old 8mm film reels within your parents’ attic? There are precious memories in those film reel cans – perhaps your mom like a toddler, or maybe your grandfather who’s gone, and the 1950’s car your dad utilized to drive…

Film to dvd fort collins
Prior to deciding to rush to the video transfer lab to change your old 8mm film to DVDs, listed here are 7 warning signs you ought to look for in a video transfer lab.

Red light 1 – They don’t really carry out the work in-house. Whether or not the lab is really a brick and mortar store, some film transfer labs outsource the work and ship the video out, so ensure that you ask. Costco as an example, it’s convenient to disappear your film on the counter, but they ship it to California. If you’re not comfortable having your 8mm or 16mm film packed, shipped, choose a lab that does the work in-house.

Warning sign 2 – Disorganized or disheveled workspace – Look around the store, does everything look insanely organized? Is each separate family’s order saved in clear, marked bins to minimize mix-ups and loss?

Warning sign 3 – Items not tagged using a unique ID – VHS tapes all look alike. You may have labels on them but not likely your contact information on every one. When the lab will not tag each item with some unique identification, how will they know in case your tapes get confusing with another family’s?

Red light 4 – Open beverage containers or trash bins – You don’t have to been employed inside a film to DVD transfer lab before to learn that mishaps happen. However, unlike a regular office, to just replace a computer keyboard if you spill coffee on it, you can’t replace a precious photo of the childhood, you can not replace a VHS tape that accidentally got pushed into an unlidded trash bin.

Red Flag 5 – Pick-up bags not labeled and arranged clearly – While you are waiting at the counter, try to find out how some other clients can be found in to pick up their orders. Is the pick-up bag clearly labeled? Does the receptionist you can keep them verify that the film reels or VHS/VCR tapes in the bag belong to them? Mix-ups happen as well as the experienced video transfer lab has processes like verifying ownership to keep up a zero-mix-up record.

Warning sign 6 – Careless handling of your film reels and tapes – Observe how the receptionist handles your precious media. When they simply toss slides, tapes, film reels right into a bin without much care, which is a big warning sign. If they can’t even handle your home movies properly while you’re still there, any idea what will happen if you are not there.

Red light 7 – Paper receipt of exact counts – this is not dry cleaning where in the event you leave 7 shirts and get 6 back, you can switch the missing shirt. Ensure the lab offers you a receipt stating the actual count of every kind of media – photos, slides, VHS/VCR tapes, 8mm film reel, or cassettes – that you simply leave. Best should they have a computer system where they log your work in instead of a hand-written job order. If they brush you off and say, “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of it.”, and won’t offer you a receipt of exact counts prior to leaving, that isn’t an excellent sign. It suggests a lack of systems and operations.